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Vehicle Name Lavelle
Year 1955
Make MG
Model TF-1500
Color Pistachio
1955 MG TF-1500
History This is a 1955 MG-TF-1500. It was purchased by my grandfather in 1974 and has been in the family longer than I have. When I was young and could not say MG, I used to call it the Gym Gym car. My grandfather used to take me for rides everytime I visited and I LOVED it. When I was old enough to drive it, grandpa took me to the dog racing track's HUGE parking lot and taught me how to drive the rather agrarian manual transmission it has in it.

After he passed away, I approached grandma and asked her if I might be able to keep it. I told her I had checked with all of the rest of the family and none of them were interested in it. I also told her that I could not afford to pay street price for the car due to its value. She thought it over and got back to me a month or so later. She gave me a price that was a little over free so that she could tell everyone I bought it.

It has been in my garage since the mid 2000's. I've done a full mechanical restoration and built up the motor to a full race spec mostly to design out some of the original poorly engineered systems (ie pinch bolts for the top gudgeon pins). However, it still retains the unique color and busted up interior trim that it had for as long as I've known it since I used to go for rides in it with my grandfather.

In his honor, I've loosely named the car after his middle name: Carleton "Lavelle" Waugh. It is such a treat to be able to drive it and despite not having a ton or nearly even a quarter of my MZ6's HP, it is what I like to call a two seat steerable roller coaster with a smile generator built into the chassis.
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