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vang1 12-18-2017 04:04 AM

Brakelight /horn Fuse
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Someone crashed into my front passenger side. my frontlight, fender was broke. After this my horn and brakelight was not working anymore, so i change my 15A Hazard fuse , then brakelights works again, so did the horn, but if i press my horn for more than 3 secounds the fuse blows again.

The repairshop said that i might have pressed the horn too hard so the button under the steeringwheel is broken,
is this correct ? do i need to change the airbag/button ? or is there something in my passenger front corner that is broken ? The headlight, turn right light and front corner was completly smashed, lots of wires there was broken.
All cables and front is not changed. but still the fuse blows when i press the horn.

Byakuya 12-18-2017 08:03 AM

Sorry to hear about the troubles - to me, it sounds like a wire might have got pinched in the accident, or a ground wire isn't fully secured, and that's what's causing your issue.

AFAIK, you can't just replace the airbag/button since it's all part of the steering wheel, but I'm probably wrong on that one.

waughoo 12-18-2017 02:12 PM

I highly doubt that pressing the horn too hard could have caused the problem. I suspect the pinched wire theory stated above. Horns draw a LOT of amps when they are on. If the wire got pinched in the accident then you might have broken a few strands in the wire and thus reduced the number of strands that are carrying the load. This, in turn, increases the amp draw on that circuit which pops the fuse. I'd dig into the area of impact and look for wires that show abrasion on the insulation to see if you can pinpoint the issue.

vang1 06-18-2019 05:51 AM

one of the horns was smashed, so i disconnected it and now the 2nd horn works :)
will replace the horn thats not working.

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