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Originally Posted by Mad Myche View Post
There are a few plans out there in various stages to increase revenues from drivers; these may not all go into transportation funding:

1. Congestion pricing: The Bay Bridge between San Francisco and Oakland had a normal toll of $4.00. It is increased to $5 during the weekends and $6 during the morning/evening rush hours. Very similar to "Surge Pricing" used by Uber/Lyft

2. Progressive Registration Fees: Having a newer or more expensive cars increase the license plate cost. A base 2018 Mazda 6 (MSRP $22K) costs $256 for plates. A top of the line 2003 Mazda 6 (original price about the same) pays only $35.

3. VMT (Vehicle Miles Traveled)- Pretty simple, they tax per mile driven. Still in planning/testing/proposal stages. Main thing against it is a concern for privacy.

Good old Illinois and layers of taxing. Your actual gas tax is well below the national average (19 cents vs 30), but then you get charged sales tax on top of it (near 10% in Cook County). On the bright side is that combined it is still 20 cents less per gallon than Pennsylvania and there 58 cents
This kind of taxing is really frustrating in areas where the majority can no longer afford to live near work. The wealthy who can afford to live in the city won't be paying, it's everyone else who has to commute to afford a place to live. I live in SoCal, I don't know anyone who wants and is choosing to live far out and be stuck in traffic for hours to get to a their job, but one is looking at 700K minimum to own near the majority of industry here and near 2000K to rent an apt, more for a house. Public transportation is pretty much useless. I will never support a VMT or anything like it.

I'm a "educated professional" usually surrounded by the liberal well off, but I grew up working class in a poor neighborhood and sometimes I am astounded at how clueless people can be, but that's by design.

I'm not shooting the messenger here, just commenting on how I feel about the ideas.

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