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Wow, haven't updated in quite a while. The car still lives and I'm still around. Not much got done with the car last year. This year and the up coming years are going to get interesting.

Since my last post, I did get the injectors in and sorted out. The car ran like a champ with fresh clean rebuilt injectors, new plugs, new coils, and a good cleaning of the intake manifold both upper and lower. She did great for a few months after until about 3 weeks before Christmas. That's when some untimely stuff started to happen. The battery light started to come on and go off randomly. It had a mind of its own. I went and popped the hood to discover that my battery had started to swell up and was leaking everywhere!!! Stressed out that the battery has taking a dump at the worst time of the year, I looked into changing the battery setup. I had a spare battery laying around that I kept from my 97 eclipse. Hey a battery is a battery right lol. The post were on the wrong side compared to the stock 6 battery. Beings that it was the same brand that I just took out of the car, I kind of didn't want to put it in. I made a call to my brother that day and asked him to see if his father in law still had some Optima Red tops laying around the shop from when they changed all of the generator batteries. Luck so has it that he did and brought 1 home for me that day!!!. Still the battery would not go in without having to do some sort of modifications due to the way the posts were set up.

This wasn't a big deal because when I put the audio in the car, I made custom battery mounted busbars.
Some 1st gen love!!-1492651167655.jpg
Some 1st gen love!!-1492651177760.jpg

Beings that I had these and had 0ga wire ran to the trunk of the car, I decided to relocate the battery to the trunk. I took the busbars off of the battery terminals and screwed them to a piece of wood to hold them down. Found some nice places to zip tie the wood to the car so that it wasn't just flopping around in there. Definitely didn't want that to happen.
Some 1st gen love!!-1549898296982.jpg

This is just a temporary solution until I make some new busbars and clean up the wiring. I have some 1/2 PVC sheet that I will be making cleaner looking wiring solutions. I'll basically be making my own SMD style fuse holders. Just need to get the copper plate at this point. No need to pay 90 bucks for something that I can make for a fraction of the price. They will look something like this
Some 1st gen love!!-img_6743_3.jpg

I'll do one big one with both ground and power to replace the busbars in the front and then the same for the rear near the battery.
Some 1st gen love!!-1549898304375.jpg

I like things looking nicer than what I have it now. The way I look at it now is function over looks. Things will get cleaned up and mounted properly in the next coming months.

After doing all of this, the car fired right up and ran like a champ. Took it out for a test drive and all was good.... until the battery light came on. Flabbergasted that it came on and went off again, I got my volt meter back out and started running test. At the front busbars I was getting 14.6 with the car running. I went to the trunk and tested the battery. 14.5. Shaking my head at trying to figure out what was going on while having the meter still hooked up to the battery, that's when it showed it's true colors. The meter pegged out at the 20 volt setting!!! This was a sign that the alt was on its way out. It was keeping the battery charged so I was still able to drive it around if I had to. I didn't really like having to drive the car that way but beings that it was Christmas, I kinda had to. Changing the alt out was not on my list of things I wanted to do during the holidays lol.

I drove it on and off when I needed to like that until last weekend (Feb 2019). I would only drive the car when I had to go pick my son up from school. Any other time I needed to drive, I would wait until my wife got home from work so I could take her little bug to do whatever I needed to do. If I was anything other than a stay at home dad and had to drive the car daily, I would have changed it sooner but it was fine.

Now that the battery and alt are all good now, I can get some other maintenance done as well as some fun stuff. Still wanting to do the retrofit but it's not a pressing matter. I have a complete front suspension kit ready to go on the car as of now from Detroit Axle. Now I know these are not the best but it was an entire front end kit for less that 300 bucks.( I don't remember what I paid for them) I got it off of either eBay or Amazon. What this kit will allow me to do is have the front end nice and tight for a little while. As parts start to fade, I'll replace them in pairs with better brand or oem components. The drivers side CV axle is shot so that will be done at the same time. The only things I don't have yet to do the job right is trans fluid, filter and gasket set, and I'm wanting to replace the 16yo front and rear springs. The rear sags bad and will bottom out if I have passengers in the rear. With the added weight of the subs and enclosure and the amps on a suspended amp rack, these rear springs have no fighting chance. Can someone say coilover time lol.

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