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A little help if you have a moment

I'll keep it as short as possible. Last Thursday I came across a deal too good to pass up. A loaded Black/Black leather interior 6s that ran and drove for $700. The seller was honest and told me the car would start chugging and jerking after it got to running temp. He just didn't want to deal with it anymore and just wanted it gone.

Upon first look at the car I noticed one small vacuum leak and a bunch of duct tape around the duct from the air box to the TB. I didn't hear any really bad knocks and when I drove it cold it felt decent. I figured at worst I could part it out for a few grand or resell it or something. But my goal was to fix it and drive it. After totaling my last 2 Minis I just dont want a car payment right now.

Ok back story done. Now, here it what I'm dealing with. The car runs and drives decent when it's cold, but when it gets to operating temp shit goes south. Under any sort of load it will hesitate and herk and jerk. Tonight I finally got frustrated and pinned it on the freeway. It would get to 5k rpm in 3rd and stay there, before the engine light came on flashing (misfire)

The other day when it misfired I pulled the codes and it gave me cyl. 1 (top left) misfire. I have since changed the plugs, boots, and windings. When I changed them today I made sure to move rotate the the coil packs straight down.

I was also getting codes for the EGR and the the boost circuit. I took the EGR off and cleaned it and checked the ohms on the 6 pin connector. everything seems to be really good shape. I also cant find any vacuum leaks.

So today, after doing the following since friday: EGR cleaning, replacing airbox to TB duct, new air filter, new plugs/boots/windings, a few other small things, like brakes, fluids, the obvious stuff. I took the car out for another test and like i said i pinned it and it was stuck in 3rd at 5k. I can drive the car ok if I keep it in slap stick and only use 1/4 throttle and keep it around 3k rpm. but thats just not going to work.

So after putting the car through the paces today and only having slight improvements (like it wont die if I come to a complete stop and keep it in gear). These are the codes I pulled after a 15-20 minute road test:

P0304: cylinder 4 misfire (the cylinder I move the perceived bad coil pack to)
P0152: 02 sensor circuit. High voltage bank 2 sensor 1
P1487: EGR CHK (boost) solenoid circuit

My thoughts are I've already thrown a few hundred at perceived problems to no avail.
I believe I have a bad coil pack since the misfire followed where I put the pack. I also think the 02 sensor error is a symptom from misfires
I did the EGR mod from justin, I think I know how to do the bypass but I can't find a tutorial since 6crew is down, and I dont know if that would fix anything.

I'll try a new coil pack and doing the EGR bypass, but after that I think I'll have to throw my hands up and bring it to a garage because I'm honestly out of ideas.

Any suggestions?


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