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Originally Posted by Mad Myche View Post
Originally Posted by Dave C View Post
I'm looking into replacing the "normal" filament headlight bulbs (H11) with the newer LED types (see photo) have any of you tried them.

I have been told that at the moment this type of bulb is not legal due to the light output or that they have not yet been certified, most car accessory shops do not sell them, but ebay has lots of them for sale.
My main concern is that due to the variation in the LED' position this may effect the dip beams pattern.
Please don't do it.
Your concern about the LED not being in the correct position and the resulting deviation in the light pattern is the reason they are not certified for replacement. They never will be either for that same basic reason

As Obi-Wan once said; "your eyes can deceive you". Don't fall for the hype and pretty pictures that companies and sellers show.
Yes, this. On ebay you're getting garbage Chinese product that hasn't been tested. They know it will turn on, and that's about it. At best you'll end up burning up your wiring. At worst, you could melt your headlight housing or end up with an assault charge when your misdirected light blinds some other driver and causes an accident.

There is a reason people don't sell them except on ebay, and a reason why they are so cheap. If you want LED headlights, don't cut corners, buy an actual LED headlight housing kit.

And if you decide to do it anyway, we all warned you.
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