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Originally Posted by LM97027 View Post
If you lost your 3.7L engine or had a huge repair bill because of a water pump failure please reach out to me. I am trying to collect data on how many people had this issue so I can try to get Mazda's attention. I have already reported it to the NHTSA and if enough people do it, maybe there will be a recall.
This is a rather crappy design, but you're going nowhere with trying to get Mazda (Ford, really) to fix it.

I commented on this issue back in December. VW TDIs have the water pump driving off the timing *belt*, which has its own set of problems in that a seal failure will destroy the bearing and, if you don't catch it, lock up and then the belt strips. Now you're buying a cylinder head at minimum; PARTS to fix that are over $1,000, and if you have a shop do it, double that due to the labor charges.

But that's nowhere near as bad as a timing *chain* driven water pump that has oil on the other side of the seal, so WHEN it fails it screws you instantly. On the TDIs you almost-always get warning via a coolant leak -- if you ignore it then the result is on you. With these it seems you MIGHT get SOME warning if you check the oil with EVERY fuel fill (you do, right?) as you SHOULD notice the contamination, but if you are like most people these days and NEVER pull that dipstick on an every-fill basis you'll gonna get screwed and HARD.

Coolant in the oil usually destroys the mains VERY rapidly, so the opportunity to detect the problem and fix it before catastrophic damage occurs is short and if you don't, well.....


Crappy design but not something you can get a recall over. At 100k+ miles it's not something you'll get the manufacturer to eat either.
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