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Originally Posted by JC79G35 View Post
I will use Zeffer's formula for reviews since he pretty much nailed it (why reinvent the wheel?)

What is it?
It's an upgraded front brake kit that replaces the front calipers/rotors/lines. The brake rotor is larger and of course slotted. The caliper is not only prettier than stock, but has 4 pistons. Finally, the stainless steel lines to increase efficiency.

What's nice?
First, the looks are better than stock (duh). Second, stopping power is improved, actually took a little getting used to the shorter stopping distance. Third, the installation process was quite easy for your do-it-yourself mechanics. Corksport made this product very well on how easily it comes together. Finally, the lighter setup (and I can confirm this as the box with the stock parts in where the CS stuff was in was considerably heavier) gave my car a slightly noticeable better response.

What's not-so-nice? (sorry Zeffer, had to modify that lol)
You live in state that has winter and/or salt? Have fun with the brake lines. I first tried a line wrench and rounded it. I then tried a vice grip pliers but to no avail. Luckily, I had a friend with a torch so we heated up the driver's side line and got it off with vice grips, no problem. Another thing was vice grips size matters. We got the passenger side off with no heat. Turns out the size of the vice grips I was originally using were too large. Just an FYI for anyone tackling this.

Ease of install:
As I mentioned, the install (besides the brake line removal) was pretty easy. One thing to mention - keep the lines attached after loosening them and just rest the removed stock caliper on something. It will save you a ton of time bleeding. Oh yeah, the bleeding part. That's what I was most nervous about, but with keeping the lines attached and swapping them out once the new setup is in, it took only a few minutes to fully bleed the new calipers.

In conclusion, I really do like this kit. It is not terribly expensive in comparisons to BBK out there for other cars. The look, stopping power, and less unsprung weight.

Nice write-up, plus the pic at the end is a bonus. I like how Corksport's brake kit is slotted rather than drilled.

SS brake lines are kind of pointless though. The inside of your brake lines are already lined with steel.
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