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LED fun!!

Well my plans for the weekend were a wash out. I had planned on doing the valve cover gaskets this weekend but it was a wet weekend here in Fl. Decided to work on the Demon eyes instead. This way the engine and I both stayed dry. If I would have started them 1st thing on Saturday morning, I could have had them done before it rained. But with my luck, it would have started raining as soon as I got all set up. It wasn't all a washout for being productive for the weekend.

With the weather being iffy, it was time to go ahead and get the Demon Eye boards built and ready for the retrofit. My plan for the front is to have demon eyes in each spot inside the headlights and the now the lower fogs. With the 2 projectors already there and the turn and high beam spots, why not. The high beam locations will be getting a set mini h1projectors and I'm not sure about the turn at this point. I do have a thought though

These boards were made out of electronic perfboard, Red 20ma superflux LEDs, 4 wire ribbon cable, and some resistors. With a prototype made up and working, time to mass produce lol.
Some 1st gen love!!-1526923018601.jpg

Some 1st gen love!!-1526923055173.jpg

Some 1st gen love!!-1526923066342.jpg

Each board consists of 2 sets of LEDs. One set ( 2 leds ) will be hooked up to a 3 position rocker switch hooked up in reverse. Basically I will have the center running to the led arrays ground. This will give me the ability to flip the switch up or down and pull inputs from 2 different sources and have the eyes act the way I want depending on the source it's on. The 2nd set will be hooked up at a later day. I don't want to give it all away right now

At this point all the boards were painted, soldered and reinforced to the solid core ribbon cable. I chose this cable for many reasons. It's compact and gave me the amount of connections that I needed. It also has a little bit of form memory to it which is perfect for fitting it in place and it staying. With all of this done, it was time to call it a day.
Some 1st gen love!!-1526923371343.jpg

Oh!!! Look what showed up in the mail. While working on the boards, my fog bulbs came in ( kind of ). I ordered 2 sets so I could have a spare set laying around but the seller only sent 1. Contacted him and he is sending the 2nd set this week. Morimoto XB 35w H3C 4.5k
Some 1st gen love!!-1526923509926.jpg

Come Sunday morning, all I had left to do was to make the transition from solid core ribbon cable to mutistrain flexible wire. With the leds be such a low current, I used some 22ga speaker wire. The ribbon cable is great for inside the headlights due to the fact that it doesn't have to move. The connection at the headlights need to be able to flex some due to the nature of having to be able to move the harness around. All connections were soldered and heatshrunk and the transition was made!!
Some 1st gen love!!-1526923528542.jpg

The only thing left for the boards to be 100% done is the connectors. I need to find and order some bare 4 pin JST connectors and pins. This way I can cut the ribbon cable and put the connectors in. By doing this, when I go to change or upgrade a board, it would be as simple as unplugging the the connectors and switching boards at their location. All of the wiring can stay inside the housing and I would not have to do any soldering for a simple board change.

Not a bad productive weekend towards the retrofit!!

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