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So on the past Saturday and Sunday I spent getting the car ready for the retrofit. I still need to order projectors but I had a light out anyway so why not get the wiring all done and out of the way. With the increase in the lighting, I still needed to do something the the lenses.

Here is the car at the beginning waiting for surgery lol. As you can see, my lights needed help.
Some 1st gen love!!-1525647062736.jpg

I took 3 HID harnesses and made them into 1 "main" harness. This harness will be just for the headlights. Slowly but surely I will be cutting the drivers side headlight plug out and will have the passengers side unplugged and capped off. All of my connections will be soldered and heatshrunk. I like knowing that it won't cause an issue later on while I was at it, I went ahead and ran the harness for the lower fogs that I had ordered just for the "sports" bumper.

Some 1st gen love!!-1525647064505.jpg

With the bulk of the harness ran, it's easy for me to fine tune the length of the wires. Then it was on to the lights. I spent about 1 hour on each light getting it ready for a clear coat. I wet sanded them starting with 400 and work all the way to 2000 grit. (No boring pics of it lol) Once done I hit them with a clear coat but it ended up wrinkled on me. I then spent another 2 hour wet sanding the lights down because of it smh. At this point I needed to stop on the lights and get the ballast mounted. I found the spot that the factory D2S ballast mount to on the bottom.

Some 1st gen love!!-1525647089280.jpg

This was just a quick and dirty adaptor that I made to fit the ballast. I will make another one later to hold the 3 ballast that are going to be going to the lights in the same location. I was getting rushed on time because I needed to be able to drive it. While I still had the bumper cover off, I figured I'd mount the fog lights and change out side markers. I then had to mount the new mesh. I tried to use the factory mounting tabs to hold it in place but this caused unwanted dents and cause it to look uneven. Good thing I bought 2 sheets

Some 1st gen love!!-20180511_192417.jpg

I will let it ride like this until I get the projectors in for the retrofit. It still looks ok for the time being. It's still a work in progress so it's fine for now lol. It was time to just get her back together and on the ground. The next time I have the bumper off, it will be a much quicker ordeal. For the most part, I'm happy with what I got done on it over the weekend.

Here she is after the end of Sunday!

Some 1st gen love!!-1525647065988.jpg

Some 1st gen love!!-1525647067995.jpg

Some 1st gen love!!-1525647070723.jpg

35w 5500k H1s in the lows and halogens in both fogs...... for now

This is the beginning of the updated facelift.

2003 6s
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