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With it passing the continuity test, it was time to go ahead and do a mounting test. For this test I just used a spare piece of lexan that I had laying around to mount the tape and LEDs to. I needed to see how well this would stick and look AFTER the heat of the LEDs being soldered.
I wanted to make sure that the tape would still stick as well as make sure that it would not deform while the heat was put to it during soldering.

These are the amber LEDs that I will be using. Cree amber P4s.
Some 1st gen love!!-1525479782301.jpg

All soldered up.
Some 1st gen love!!-1525479788314.jpg

I was happy with the outcome. The tape held up very well. It didn't lose any stickiness and it did not deform under the heat. 2 more test down!!

No flash with LEDs
Some 1st gen love!!-1525479790681.jpg

With flash with LEDs
Some 1st gen love!!-1525479792857.jpg

At this point I'm digging the tape but I still needed to see what it would do behind the lens and what it would look like once the LEDs were powered. I popped my little test board into an old clear housing from my old Eclipse for this next test. It was all "cross my fingers" at this point because if it didn't reflect right, I'd have to find something different to use.

Behind lens with no flash.
Some 1st gen love!!-1525479794914.jpg

Behind lens with flash.
Some 1st gen love!!-1525479796767.jpg

Some 1st gen love!!-1525479798999.jpg

This tape rocks for what I'm wanting to use it for. I will be using it just like in the test but on a board made for our cars . I had thought of other ways to use it just like the bikers have been on their bikes and helmets. It made me think of another test.. In this one I wanted to see what it would look like under a clear coat of paint directly on it. I took a small piece of it and stuck it to a piece of cardboard. I hit it with 3 coats of clear and let is dry.

No flash.
Some 1st gen love!!-1525479801398.jpg

Some 1st gen love!!-1525479803756.jpg

It looks great under the clear coat. Best of all it's sealed down to the cardboard now. This is nice to know for the future😎!

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