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Originally Posted by Get Inline View Post
if you live in a hot climate and/or drive aggressively, do you agree that this $200 figure is best spent toward added engine protection?
I live in a hot climate (Florida), drive aggressively (all the time) and why would I spend the $253 on nothing?

Again, I have documented proof that in my drive cycle and environment THERE IS NO GAIN IN WEAR RATES TO BE HAD BY RUNNING A HIGHER VISCOSITY OIL.
you can also agree that a thicker oil provides a better coating over critical engine parts which results in more protection, correct? I think this is critical depending on some driving situations.
No, I DO NOT agree with that claim, and in fact I know it is false.

Either the oil film in sleeve bearings (e.g. mains, cam bearings, etc) is of sufficient strength to prevent metal-to-metal contact or it is not. If it is then more is not better; it does nothing to reduce wear rates but does increase frictional energy losses, which means LOWER thermodynamic efficiency (in other words, less fuel economy.)

HOWEVER, thicker oil flows more-slowly on start-up. It is those critical seconds that have been PROVED to cause most engine wear. This is why large industrial engines often have powered pre-lube systems so the oil system is under full pressure before the crank turns. Running a thicker oil means that full pressure at the bearings will be achieved SLOWER, and this may well cause HIGHER wear rates rather than lower ones.
I will say, that I have used 0w20 in this car for a while before switching to 5w30 and the difference was significant.
I'm assuming you have UOAs for wear metals both with 0w20 and 5w30 to back this claim up? If so, where are they?

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