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I'm well-aware of the CAFE issue.

However, that doesn't change the facts when it comes to engineered clearances in a given engine, what oil they're optimized for, and the documented, scientific results obtained by following said manufacturer recommendation over an extended period of time -- in this case, over 100,000 miles of in-service use.

Yes, my numbers are from ONE engine. However, I only own ONE engine and the fact of the matter is that there is no statistically-material improvement in wear rates possible from the results I'm obtaining using said recommended weight oil.

Further, while you may claim the CAFE is a "conspiracy" game the fact is that I benefit from better fuel economy as well since I travel further while spending less money. If that can be had without compromising engine life I'll take it and IMHO you should too.

In my my case if the difference is 1 mpg (which it might or might not be), given my fuelly profile and average mpg (and average per-gallon gas price) over the car's life that amounts to $253 that is in my pocket instead of the "evil oil company" bank account since I bought this vehicle as a direct result of using the more fuel-efficient oil.

You may consider $253 to be immaterial to you. I look at it as glasses of beer that I can drink instead of putting into my tank in the form of gasoline, and that's quite a few glasses of said beer.

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