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Just changed the MTX fluid again (~110k miles now, first change at 50k miles); the oil came out somewhat darkened but in perfectly-serviceable condition from a standpoint of examination (no evidence of synchro damage, any sort of contamination, flakes or water in the oil, etc.)

75w80 is somewhat difficult to find; I had put Redline MTL in last time and being happy with it used it again.

Just a reminder -- DO NOT EVER put any fluid labeled "GL5" (whether primarily, compatible with, etc) into an MTX from any manufacturer unless it is EXPLICITLY labeled as requiring it in the owner's manual or other documentation from the manufacturer. I've yet to see such a MTX in a passenger car but there probably is one out there SOMEWHERE.

If you break this rule you WILL be replacing the synchros as GL5 fluids have an additive package in them that binds to the synchros and the film they create is stronger than the brass compounds in the synchro - which means the SYNCHROS will wear instead of the film shearing as intended during normal use.

It is extremely difficult to find MTX fluid that is "safe" (GL4 rated, NOT GL5) at any of the common "auto parts" places. Don't make this mistake -- if you do you WILL be buying a full teardown and overhaul!

One other point on these cars -- the seal washers on the drain and fill bolts are aluminum and deform slightly (they get a "ridge") when the plugs are torqued down that create the seal (yes, there's a torque spec, and yes, it matters.) As a result they cannot be re-used or they WILL leak. A pair of seal washers from the stealer is something like $4; just buy them.

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