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Originally Posted by flyandi View Post
The problem is that none of these engines will enjoy a major R&D opportunity at this point - especially for stock cars.

Everything transitions to a an engine system that provides more power with less components: Electric.

Everyone is following the one that showed that you can shape consumer perception and make it actual working.

I am not talking about the 30 miles range disasters but the 200-300 miles range cars like the Chevy Bolt that follow suit to Tesla.

Hybrids are basically dead - any car maker still doing research in hybrid technology didn't get the message: Electric car work even when scaled and most modern gas engine can easily compete with the hybrid technologies considering tech VS cost VS energy.

I bet in 3 generations from now you won't even see major gasoline engines in stock cars anymore - those become the rarity. In 5-6 generations they might completely disappear as technology in electric cars evolve and reach the next barriers.

Tesla probably already works on the 1000 miles range car.

Wait until the electric corvette goes into production - the darn thing already broke records with end speeds of 186mph and 700HP with a distance of 140 miles during normal drive.

You always have to consider these factors:

1) less parts -> better for business
2) less maintenance -> better for business
3) less cost -> better for business
4) less complicated technology -> better for business
5) Charge more because it's the new cool thing -> better for business

Remember that initial Tesla's cost 120k+ - after 2years they are at base price of $57k and the Model 3 is introduced with a 35k price tag...

Price is going down .. cost is going down .. that's the only facts u need to consider.
Except that basically none of that is actually true.

Remove the subsidies and come talk to me about Tesla, cost and everything else related.

HIDING complicated technology from the user doesn't make something less-complex. Drinking promoter's Kool-Aid is a bad idea, all-in.

Tesla is, economically analyzed, a tax farm -- not a car company. Remove the tax farm aspect and the firm would have been bankrupt long ago. That Musk delivers a few cars (compared against scale) doesn't mean he can deliver MILLIONS of cars annually.

Believing that trees grow to the sky doesn't make it true.

The problems are not solvable in the end because they're physics-related.

We don't use liquid hydrocarbons because we're pigs. We use them because nobody has found a way to get 110,000 BTUs in 6lbs of mass and 1 gallon of volume that can be filled in seconds via any other means, and nothing on the horizon threatens to change that.
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