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Thanks for posting man. I was just about to do the same after about 10 days of ownership (2017 GT). I hope you are enjoying your new ride as much as I am.

I agree that I am "disappointed" with my initial fuel mileage BUT I have spent a great deal of time in SPORT mode so I'll have to accept some of the blame for my first tank's manually calculated mileage ending up at 25.3 MPG. I feel confident that once broken in and getting back to my normal commute routine (about 60 highway miles per day) I will see upper 30's as most do.

I also love the interior. I drove Honda, Ford, Kia, Hundai, Chevy while I was shopping. There is no comparison in my opinion. Mazda blows them all away as far as interior style and feel. Not to mention driving dynamics and exterior style.

While I appreciate the technology, I am going to reserve judgement until I live with it for a while. Adaptive cruise is a blessing and a curse. I can't close the gap enough to keep other drivers from exploiting it but I can appreciate the safety aspect on a long, boring drive. Lane Keeping doesn't really seem to "keep" me in my lane but rather just sort of nudge me in to making a correction. Not a big deal as I try to be an attentive DRIVER when I'm behind the wheel but I think there are maybe more active systems out there. Smart City Brake Support is surprisingly aggressive. I've only experienced it once and I was fully aware of the vehicle in front slowing suddenly. The system intervened before I applied the brakes but I felt I had sufficient room to do so. Some fine tuning of the vehicle settings may be in order.

I haven't really noticed the trunk opening situation. So far just keep the smart key in my pocket. I really like the "walk away lock" setting as I don't have to press anything to secure the vehicle, just "walk away". I wish the driver door would unlock when I approached but I don't think that is an option. Hadn't noticed the power seats being locked out while driving. That does sound silly. On a longer drive I might want to make small adjustments without having to pull over and stop.

One feature I wish was included was automatic folding side mirrors. Added expense and complexity I know but it's still cool.

I'm still in love!
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