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Originally Posted by Byakuya View Post
First, glad you're enjoying the car!

This surprises me. I do 80 miles of commuting daily into the heart of Boston traffic and I'm averaging around 34mpg. When I was doing less city driving, I had it around 36mpg, and when I do only highway driving I can easily get it up to 38mpg. These pedals are very sensitive, and it takes some getting used to before finding the sweet spot. There's a point at which you *think* you're holding the pedal at the optimal position, but you can let off just a tiny bit and keep your speed but increase mpgs - takes practice to get used to it.

You can manually turn the lights on whenever you'd wish, but I do find it odd that they only turn on when the car is not in park.

The memory seats not working while in motion is part of Mazda's over-protection of drivers. They don't want you fooling with the seats while you're driving, or you suing them when you crash because of it.

Must have been an oversight or a cost issue. Adding another module to remember the mirror positions must have been costly enough that they didn't bother putting it in.

Honestly, I've only had to re-adjust my mirrors a few times in the 4 years of owning this car, so it doesn't bother me much

This one I'm not quite sure. Have you owned cars in the past that neither required a key nor an internal button to open the trunk? My fob only leaves my pocket when I'm done driving for the day because there's really no reason for it to.

Which model navigation system do you have? The older (2014 - 2015) system is the TomTom NB1 and it doesn't surprise me that something doesn't work the way it should.

The newer (2016 - ) Mazda connect navigation is much more reliable and I'm surprised that such an issue exists.

Thanks for your response.

I park my car in the city frequently and the guys there always adjust my mirrors as they have to fit the car into tight spaces. So for me, its a royal pain. I wish they would just increase the MSRP by 50 bucks if was a cost issue. Not a deal breaker of course, but I wish it had it.

The trunk behavior I compare to my VW Passat and Audi Q7, both with keyless entry. If the car is unlocked, you can open the trunk. Pretty straight forward. With the Mazda, doesnt work that way. I usually put my key in the storage in the center console. That way, when I get home, I just get out of the car and the key is there when I return (we have a garage, single family home). So the only time the key is in my pocket is when Im at work. Again, not the end of the world, just an odd choice in my opinion.

The car is a 2017, so I assume it has the latest Mazda connect.
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