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Glad they were able to "fix" it for you with a larger nut. I'm guessing they put a larger washer under it as it was clearly torn to give it a larger area to grab.
Ya, I'm guessing your area did get a lot of water damaged cars those few days.

I worked at a dealer for 15 years. That's why I came to my earlier conclusion.
1 week old, 1 year old, makes no difference when something gets hit with an outside object. As they stated, if it needed replacement it was clearly caused by your actions, not a factory defect. It would of been a customer pay job.
As is, they gave you free labor to "rig" it back up.
Mechanics are usually paid by job, so the dealer had to pay the mechanic to fix it.
Not Mazda. (Warranty)

Sorry, not trying to sound like a dick. It's just the way warranty works. And in this case, Mother Nature caused your problem, as did you when you drove through an unknown depth puddle.

Dealers have to be super careful when it comes to warranty work. When Mazda requests the old part back and sees that it was an outside force that caused the damage they charge the dealer back for the full cost of repair. Happens a lot in the dealership world.

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