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Hi everyone thank you so much for all of the detailed responses. It seems that a majority of you are in favor of getting your own tranny fluid and changing it yourself using the drain&fill method!

I will take your recommendation and try to find the longer dipstick and tube part from older year models (I'm assuming from any 2nd gen Mazda6 from '09-11 will install ok on my 2012 without need for modification)? And which parts websites do you recommend ordering the parts from? Any part #'s in specific you can give me? I tried searching for the name of the 5-speed transmission used in my '12 mazda6 with the 2.5 I4 but no luck - anyone know what transmission we use? Is it the same as the V6 (AW6A-EL)?

Also, what are your opinions on changing the transmission filter? I heard in 2nd gen models it is just a screen built into the transmission and cannot be changed out? Or can it? And if so is it recommended to change out the transmission filter on '10-12 models?

UPDATE: So I found the parts on (link

Parts are listed under 2010 Transmission Parts as "Tube, Oil Level" and "Gauge, Oil Level" which I assume are the dipstick and tube for the transmission. Funny thing is if you look for these parts on the 2011-2012 year models they don't exist lol. I guess Mazda really doesn't want us doing our own transmission fluid maintenance.

Btw what is verdict on changing the transmission filter. I think I see it listed as "Strainer, Oil" on the list of transmission parts going for about $80. Is it worth it to change it??

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