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airbox mod guide with pics?

09:56 PM 07-14-2013
anyone got a link for the airbox mod with pics that still work? searched and found a few tutorials but all the pics were deleted/broken.
10:40 PM 07-14-2013
Don't have any pics but maybe I can give you a good description.

1. Open the hood (make sure car is off)
2. Locate the air box. It is the box thing on the driver side.
3. Using a Philips screw driver, loosen the ring around the hose leading to the throttle bottle.
4. Take the hose off the box.
5. Unplug the MAF sensor (on top of the box), the green plug thing (on the right side) and the little hose in the front.
6. Remove the airbox. There are 3 pegs on the bottom. Pull the box straight up from the right side first, then the left.
7. Remove the flapper on the right side where the green plug was. I think there are screws maybe. Don't remember
8. Open up the box, take the filter out and remove the inside tray like thing. You can try to remove it carefully so you can put back in after or just break it out and trash it.
9. Don't worry about the tuba looking thing. Keep that on.
10. Reinstall the air box with filter. Connect everything and boom!
11. Might want to take the air resonator out too.

There is a video on YouTube that I used when I did mine.

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01:17 PM 07-16-2013
Honestly, i just pulled up on the lid of the air box enough that i was able to squeeze the airbox out without disconnecting any of the hoses, got it all back together the same way, works perfectly. I was cautious not to break anything as well. :)