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Replying to Topic 'Aussie screen savers'

Originally posted by RodneyJ

* * * * * * :D :D *

Yeah, we drive on the left hand side of the road on the right side of the car !!!! *
Right !

I think it's to do with Australia being originally an English convict colony, so we have to follow their lead.

I am not sure why Japan have right hand drive vehicles, Maybe as they started building cars prior to WW2, just to P*ss off the rest of the world !!

I wouldn't want to go to America or Europe. I would be turning on the Wipers when I want to use the indicators & for me it would be tricky to use the shifter with my right hand. PLus I might end up like that old Lady......:sarc *!!

You mean left, right? Right! No left! (Quote from a film with my favorite comedian John Cleese, I don't know the title in english. Cleese is a headmaster going to a conference where he has to hold a thank-you speech...)

I understand your fear of right-hand traffic. I share the same fear for left-hand traffic...

However, if you are a right-handed person, then I would assume shifting with the right (!) hand would come very easy to you...

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